It’s always good to know Monarchy comes up with the goods. Obviously, the latest music video from the band is a tad, thought-provoking and obscure. Then again, if it wasn’t this way, myself, along with a legion of the synth-pop duo’s mega fans would be left sorely, disappointed. “Mid:Night” is the second release through the Warner Music Spain label for the band, following in the wake of, dance floor charged, electro-funky anthem “Hula Hoop 8000” of last year. The track consummately gives us another sizeable dose of Andrew Amstrong’s signature boppy vibes and of course, the characteristically succinct, harmonic vocals from Ra Black.

The electronic-pop maverns music videos are renowned for being stylishly accomplished affairs, none more so than the latest effort in support of “Mid:Night” which is directed by Alberto Van Stokkum, one of Spains prestigious, leading photographers. The video concentrates on a clash of cultural aesthetics leaping from the modest lifestyle of the Amish community inter-mingled with the pleasure-seeking behaviour of the fetish fraternity. It’s every bit as gloriously surreal as you’d expect it to be. In among the small-holding of animals and organic farming, there is latex-clad gentlefolk exchanging smouldering glances between one another. Then there is Monarchy striking up a tuneful music storm, in a barn with an appearance from Ra with his face smeared with golden glitter, naturally!

Mid:Night” is a track that immediately grabs you with its haunting synths, combined with Ra’s impeccable sung vocal. When switched to visual mode, the track inhabits another time, and place altogether. The clip is mesmerising in its strangeness and something you’ll want to play over and over and over again.

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