What a time it is for Zee Machine, an artist who never fails to amaze. Who more often than not has my jaw dropping in awe. And with whom, the new track releases keep on coming. Moreover, it is when a new song appears, that these releases confirm what we have always known on this music blog. Namely, that Zee Machine is a brilliant lyricist with a top-tier vocal command. Therefore knowing, they have been working tirelessly for years. And furthermore, that now, we are finally witnessing their break-out moment. Especially, with each new track, Zee confirms their position as one of the most talented independent artists out there. It’s truly a joy to see the overwhelming response from listeners to their latest releases. Further to this, listening their latest track “Worse” has in fact left me in a puddle of emotions.

Zee’s “Worse” is a truly beautiful and bittersweet track that will pull at your heartstrings. The lyrics delve into the complexities of relationships, addressing the toxic and flawed dynamics that can tear them apart. And yet, despite the realisation that the problems within the relationship stem from the individuals involved, they refuse to give up on each other. And, even though they know this might lead to further hurt, they remain willing to try and make it work. If you’re looking for a song that will make you feel deeply and possibly resonate with your own experiences, “Worse” is that song.

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After wowing audiences in the USA and Canada on the Tears & Gearz tour with Bentley Robles. Zee Machine is fast becoming renowned for their alluring stage presence and high-energy performances.

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26th May – Night & Day Cafe – Manchester with support from Nic Billington 

23rd May – The Camden Club – London with support from Bexx (SOLD OUT) 

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