I hope not too many of you dipped out on learning about Zee Machine’s “Brainchemistry” EP which dropped earlier this year. We gave you an early heads-up about it while premiering the track “Running On Empty” lifted off of it, in December 2017. I’m so glad about the release of a music video for EP track “Dangerous” giving me an opportunity to write about “Brainchemistry” and Zee Machine again.

It is important to know the EP was written during an emotionally turbulent time in Joe Bissell (aka Zee Machine) life. When ultimately what it took to inspire the LA-based singer-songwriter to see the “Brainchemistry” EP project through to the end, was the dark spell of chaos, confusion and dangerous living. In this debut work, he can be proud that he came through addiction and recovery and out of it made a polished pop record with an authentically real story behind it.

In terms of impacting tracks. I’ve always thought “Dangerous” packs a melodic punch, sure to catch the ear of pop music fans as it has the most commercial feel of all the tracks on the EP. However, I also get the importance that Joe, the artist felt at getting his story heard on the comparatively stripped back EP closer “Running On Empty” as well. In these circumstances, I think he played it right by introducing listeners to his vulnerable side first. We know some of, the journey the artist has been on, and hereafter, the buzzy electronic pop style of “Dangerous” feels more joyous. We already know to look under the glossy synth melody to the lyrics, because this is where we will find the true understanding and grit of the track through its powerful choice of words.

Seeing the Gregoire Thiry directed, music-video for the song brings us colour, an air of confidence, and cutting to the chase, encounters of the sexual kind. But, my lasting impression is, boy oh boy how much does the camera love Zee. HOT DAMN.

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