It’s been a fantastic year for Zee Machine, one of my favourite artists on EQ Music Blog. They’ve been releasing tracks left and right, making it hard for me to keep up! As an independent artist, Zee truly lives up to their name as a music “machine”. But it’s not just about churning out hits – Zee’s lyrics are always personal and authentic. In fact the new track “The Radio” is an excellent example of this, showcasing Zee’s unique perspective and experiences. The song demonstrates that their music comes from the heart and is an accurate reflection of who they are as an artist.

The Radio” sees Zee team up with critically acclaimed pop artist/producer Gregory Dillon for the first time. They wrote the track together, and Gregory produced it. The electro-pop song delivers a tale about the aftermath of a breakup. Rumour has it that Zee somewhat regrets not writing a love song about their ex while they were still together. But now that they’ve gone their separate ways, Zee is pouring all their emotions into this track. I love the line where Zee sings about hoping their ex hears the song on the radio while driving and knows it’s about them. Shade! Deserved!

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I am just loving everything about this creative streak that has happened this year from Zee. Their music is so super catchy and bop-worthy, that it’s hard not to get hooked on it. It’s amazing how much new music they have put out, they could easily have launched an EP with all their recent songs. I am simply going to have to make do with streaming the complete singles section on Zee’s Spotify profile instead. Regardless, it’s still a great way to listen to their music and enjoy their talent.

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