It is particularly satisfying to learn when an emerging pop artist I have supported on the blog starts grabbing the attention of prominent figures in the music industry. When writing about the electronic pop-rock singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Zee Machine in August 2022. I covered a collaboration with the GRAMMY Award Winner Dave Audé on the track “Motions“. In hearing of this recognition Zee Machine received, I hoped that it would be the first of many recognitions to come. In fact a recent announcement, shared by them. Notifies of their nomination in the category Breakout Musical Artist in 2023 “Queerties”. (Voting HERE closes on Wednesday, 23/2). Furthermore Zee also concurrently releasing the track “Thunder,” did not harm any chances of a win in this category. Since, in this song, the 80s synth-pop vibe is a massive injection of colour and is exceedingly addicting.

Citing “Thunder” as a fan favourite, and sharing that the song almost had them cast on a major network competition TV show. (It was the American Song Contest, btw). In some ways, it’s amusing that this song is about becoming addicted to seeking online validation. Since this would have made an excellent topic to highlight at such a significant competition.

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In fact, “Thunder” brims with so many lyrical references to this effect in the song, that it is hard not to notice the social message delivered.

“I hope you like me, I hope you like me more than I like myself.”

“The seratonin goes up up up. And it just won’t stop, rollin’ like thunder.”

“I hope you’re happy. I hope I’m giving y’all what you came here for. Keep lookin’ at me. Do anything as long as you stay. Eh-Eh-hey!”

They are stellar examples of Zee’s lyrical prowess and on-point songwriting.

Adding in electrifying synth-pop motifs, pulsing beats and a brilliant saxophone break. Zee creates a polished 80s retro-pop aesthetic and is uncannily a most glorious musical tribute to this hugely beloved decade in pop.

Zee is not wasting any time this year, sharing demos and teaser clips online of new music. My excitement is piqued by all that I have heard. Without a doubt, they have just about everything going for them. Also, they are totally EQ-approved. Therefore, pay attention, people – they are one to watch, more so now than ever.

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