It must be an exhilarating feeling to have a celebrated a Grammy Award-winning songwriter, producer, remixer, and DJ such as Dave Audé slide into your direct messaging. (Here’s the thing about online music coverage. We never know who might be listening in). ZEE MACHINE an electronic pop-rock singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who I have discussed here on the blog. Up until this point were unaware of they had a fan in Dave Audé’. This was until Dave approached them with the idea of working together last year. Their piano house track “Motions” (out now) shows how well they worked together. This is a totally new sound for ZEE MACHINE. One that ZEE unquestionably carries off like a total dancefloor diva.

It is not a surprise to me that this collaboration has worked out well. Listening to their own songs. I know ZEE to be quite the vocal gymnast. They are an artist that delivers depth and always gives their all in making every vocal performance, an emotional fuelled one. The way ZEE hits the falsetto notes, spot-on is something they are especially brilliant at. These are many of the traits of a great dancefloor track. It’s great that Dave Audé noticed these qualities in ZEE MACHINE. And which consequently has lead the GRAMMY Award winner to seek them out when working on tracks for his new album. (That will be out later this year).

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The track speaks about, a relationship, that is going through the motions of being in love, but not necessarily feeling it. It might be because feelings are not reciprocated, or one of these persons plays into the others emotions to their advantage. There is something amiss. Until one of them wakes up and decides I am more worthy of a better love than this.

“The planets and the stars won’t change for you and me. (So stop pretending). I’m overthinking everything was meant to be. Cos’ you make me feel just like, I’m going through the motions of your love.” (song lyrics)

While making the dancefloor move isn’t new with Dave Audé. It is unfamiliar territory for ZEE MACHINE. Like a top-class act, that ignites the billboard charts. ZEE showed up ready for this moment in the spotlight and delivered a weapon of future dancefloor destruction.

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