It was around four years ago emerging artist Zee first came to our attention he sparked our interest in his foray into pop with a track called “Refugee“. An empowering anthem of tenacious lyrics, powerhouse delivery and urban-infused balladry. We were strapped right in for a journey to begin but, a life hurdle took the project back to the baby steps stage and music ultimately became the source of salvation to get the artist back on track. Now re-named Zee Machine, the EP he has been desperate to record is ready to see the light of day. Kicking off the countdown to the mini album “Brainchemistry“, Zee Machine is allowing us to premiere the EP’s first focus single “Running On Empty“, here on EQ today.

Zee Machine the alter ego of American-born, globally raised Joe Bissell is ready to make his mark on pop “Running On Empty” is a song of raw honesty, a poppy power ballad full of poignancy and unbridled emotion. It effectively brings us up to speed recounting some of the personal torment he has experienced in growing up. “I wrote this on a surge of creative and emotional adrenaline in my tiny windowless room in Brooklyn. Creating music was the one thing that could pull me from the brink of giving into the many demons I was battling, and the goddesses of melody smiled upon me just when I needed it with the birth of this one in particular. I wanted to write something that would make me cry.”
Joe Bissell, ZEE MACHINE

The heartfelt track is equal parts dark and contemplative. Big, beautiful and uplifting, refined modern pop which holds nothing back. It stares in the face of vulnerability and flips the coin on its head, seeking strength through adversity. A real-life case of what doesn’t break you makes you stronger, all of which is driven home by the emotional intensity, surging through the acoustic, introductory section to the soaring chorus and beyond of the perfectly crafted pop song produced by Chris Leon and Elliot Jacobson.

Classic pop with a soulful undercurrent “Running On Empty” is the straightforward confessions of a young emerging singer-songwriter, introducing an emotionally introspective side of his artistic psyche.

Connect with Zee Machine
Twitter: @ZeeMachineMusic