Unquestionably with regards to music releases in 2023, Zee Machine stepped up to the plate. Undoubtedly, it was probably Zee’s most music-productive year ever in terms of getting new material out. Also, aside from the solo stuff, there was Zee’s first official duet on the Bentley Robles track “See Me Naked.” In fact, this particular unadulterated fun pop song seems to have had a lasting effect with Zee encouraging them to explore more light-hearted themes, while keeping the lyrical narrative, authentic and relatable. All of which is found in the fresh new release, “Good Boy.”

Personally, I love that they shared a little of their playfulness in this sassy, sexy song. Namely because, in a week where sex-positive songs ruled, “Good Boy” stands out among the best. The track has such a joyous and cheeky vibe. Plus is incredibly electrifying and funky in its music styling as well. The overall musical epicness provides the optimum backup for Zee to whop their electric guitar out and stroke a few sizzling riffs upon it.

Song lyrics, such as…

“So give me one way ticket to the back of the wall, are you feeling me now, are you feeling new now. I’m making your eyes rolling back so you answer my call. Baby say it out loud. Being such a good boy.” Leaves little to the imagination.

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Furthermore, it really feels like a shift is occurring with many LGBTQIA+ pop artists. Especially those that have also expressed authenticity in their lyrical narratives, with heartfelt, earnest connections. Listening to these new tracks feels as though a switch has gone off, and everyone is suddenly horny and OK with sharing some of the pleasurable experiences in the form of song. See Bright Light, Bright Light’s “You Want My…” and “Slut Pop Miami” by Kim Petras. Also, the brilliant, “Second, Minute, Hour” by JORDY, while not forgetting the same applies with anything Bentley Robles related.

Since Zee has rolled out the glorious kinky bop “Good Boy,” I have an insatiable craving for more thirst pop releases. And, specifically, Zee you wouldn’t wish your fans to become dehydrated now, would you?

Colour me excited to hear the follow-up releases.

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