WOW! just WOW! With his latest new music, specifically the tracks “Can’t Stay Away” and “Superstar” Sweden’s, Darin dug in deep musically with the 70s disco feels. Since publicly coming out. He has used the recent music videos as an outlet to express more of his identity. The songwriting has seen him create his most authentic lyrical pieces to date. However, the visual impact explored in this new era has been striking, to say the least. As much as I was enjoying him, taking my head and party feet to the discotheque. The arrival of his new song, “Satisfaction,” has turned the heat up with a different level of hotness.

Outside of Sweden and in a pop sense, the rest of the world has slept on Darin. (Although EQ Music Blog has raved about him since 2008). Visiting the UK, he performed both new and a selection of his most popular songs at The Bedford last year. From EQ, Raj was in attendance. Raj got to witness Darin’s very first UK gig and interviewed him as he spoke about the stylistic shift of the new songs in light of his coming out. (If you haven’t already, check the interview HERE).

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Since the new era started. We sensed it was coming. A musical, sexual awakening. Darin with courage and confidence unapologetically, being himself. “Satisfaction” as a matter of fact is not only, hotter than hot, it is also a pivotal transition in his life and music career.

In this song, it is obvious the inspiration has come from the George Michael song “Freedom.” There is a sensibility of this in the music styling and the lyrics, the liberating tone of the track overall.

The music video is where he makes the boldest move of his career. In the clip, he is seen striking sexy poses. Joined by several suitably hot af male dancers. The scenario is a peep-show. Darin is cast as the hotness. In his performance, Darin doesn’t have to take his clothes off (and does not) for us to have a good time. He was just born naturally scorchio. Fact. Although the video gets us excited by his art of seduction, we shouldn’t lose sight of the significance and the powerful message Darin sends.

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