This summer, the highly acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado is gearing up to captivate audiences at the Mighty Hoopla Festival in London. Headlining on Saturday, June 1st, as part of her exciting lineup of festival performances. Known for her innovative contributions to pop music, Nelly has just unveiled her eagerly awaited new track “Love Bites.”

Since the release of her last album “The Ride” in 2017, Nelly Furtado’s presence in the music industry has been relatively quiet. However, the DJ community has reignited her passion for music. Inspired by the remixes of her hit song “Say It Right” and the inclusion of her tracks in new playlists, Nelly revealed her newfound excitement for music making in an interview with iHeart Radio.

After Nelly’s electrifying performance at the Beyond The Valley festival in Australia, she crossed paths with SG Lewis, who also graced the same stage. This encounter sparked a collaboration that led to the creation of “Love Bites.” Tove Lo, a favoured collaborator of SG’s, joined the project at Nelly’s request to add her unique vocals, elevating the song to new heights.

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SG Lewis’ dynamic contribution to the electronic-pop stomper “Love Bites” demonstrates his adeptness at crafting frenetic beats. The fast and captivating rhythm forms a compelling backdrop for the honeyed and raspy vocals of Tove and Nelly, respectively. The track adeptly weaves between dance, electronic pop, and alternative pop. Offering a distinct and modern sound with versatile crossover potential.

It seems that “Love Bites” offers just a glimpse of Nelly’s possible musical direction in 2024. She has been dedicated to working in the studio on her seventh album. And which is scheduled for release later this year. In addition to this, the numerous festival dates she has lined up will undoubtedly provide fans with a brief understanding of the exciting new pop era of Nelly Furtado.

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