This is an interesting one. Tove Lo has recorded an English version of Swedish pop sensation Veronica Maggio’s mega-hit “Jag Kommer.” Tove’s sparkling interpretation of the track is music to my ears and has got the in-demand performer and collaborator, back in my favour once more.

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve felt compelled to write about Tove Lo, and not for the lack of her being unproductive. (For the record, I think “Sunshine Kitty” is by far her best album yet, because it took her music styling to different places.) It is nice to see her diversify, somewhat more though, while revealing a softer side to her ordinarily, provocative music persona with a new reimagining of, “Jag Kommer“. I had never noticed the Robyn like timbre in her vocal before, she dropped this cover. Maybe it was something she has been trying to stay away from highlighting while concentrating on forging her own identity. I really do, prefer the sweeter version of Tove Lo. I would love it if she would explore with more of these delicate and vulnerable vibes, going forward.

Tove chose and recorded the track for Spotify’s new Studio It’s Hits program.

“This is a special one for me because it’s my English cover of one of my all-time favourite Swedish songs, “Jag Kommer“, by badass queen Veronica Maggio. It’s the soundtrack to so many of my memories. I’ve always been so impressed with Veronica’s way with words. I could never write in Swedish the way she can. It’s the perfect mix of poetic, ‘everyday romance,’ and making the Swedish, summertime, feel epic and melancholic all at once.”

Tove first came to us as the self-professed Queen of the Clouds. When listening to this evocative new version of Maggio’s track, I think we should start honouring her as the queen of cloudbusting, instead. On a grim and tough going, in real life news week. Listening to this shimmering synth-pop delight from the Swedish pop queen at least has us feeling as though the sun is coming out at the end of it.

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