The London-based singer-songwriter, producer, and DJ; SG Lewis dropped some sensational synthesized tracks a short while ago. Although, for various reasons, I didn’t get the opportunity to write about them yet. Since I really like the 80s style used. I feel it would be remiss of me not to show the excellent track “Missing You” my support.

I covered SG Lewis on the blog with the track “Impact,” a collaboration with Robyn and Channel Tres. The 2020 release made it onto Lewis’ splendid debut album “times.” In his new era. The multi-disciplinary artist is inspired by the music of the 90s and 80s. Of the two tracks, “Something About Your Love” takes influence from the 90s/noughties, whereas “Missing You” permeates with the unmistakable new-wave flair of the 80s. Imagine your favourite extended mix of any New Order release. There is plenty of resemblance between this and “Missing You,” and any of the new-wave, synth-pop titans other extended for the dancefloors mixes.

As a matter of fact, I am most drawn to the buzzy electronic style used in tracks such as “Missing You.” I tend to feel an adrenaline rush of excitement whenever I hear songs similar to those I’ve discussed above.

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Since these new bangers from Sam landed, he has given them pride of place in his recent DJ sets. Just a week ago, he shared a snippet of footage online from a show he played recently, and I could see how into the new music the clubbers were. Had I been there, I would also have punched the air.

While there is no official word about a follow-up album, just the double A-side release. Sam is keen to get back out on tour and has announced a run of North American dates from September through November 2022.

The info you will NEED about these dates can be found HERE.

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