The fact that I had no plans last weekend was a fortunate occurrence since, unusually for once, as well as checking out the blog submissions. I also had an opportunity to check out some newly released albums for a change. The timing could not have been better since I knew of three album releases I wanted to go through. In particular, these were “Gloria” by Sam Smith, the Ava Max sophomore album “Diamonds & Dancefloors,” together with “AudioLust & HigherLove” by SG Lewis.

When I wrote about the SG Lewis song “Missing You,” a track with an unmistakable nu-wave flair, last summer. A new album release was not hinted at, at the time. Looking back at the feature I filed here on the blog. Evidently, I did pick up on two distinctive styles noted on the double A-side release of tracks “Missing You” and ” Something About Your Love“. With the album now out. The more I got into it, the more I discovered that throughout the 15 tracks, experimenting with musical diversity remains supreme. Explaining this Sam Lewis says

The album is clearly split into two worlds. “AudioLust” is the darker, lusty, infatuated, short-lived, and ego-driven version of love. The second half, “HigherLove” represents a much deeper, actualized, and fulfilled version of love. Songs fall on either half of the record. I feel like I exist in the space between DJing and being an artist.”

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Besides “Missing You,” another unashamedly electro-pop track graced the new album. This is the song, “Oh Laura“. Co-written by Ed Drewett and co-produced by TEED, this is a fictitious tale of betrayal, inspired by 80s pop music.

It is pleasing that someone as prolific as SG Lewis recreates nostalgia vibes and looks fondly upon the sounds and styles of yesteryear. Alongside and as well as pushing boundaries in his creative works. Never knowing what to expect from him next makes the listening process far more exciting in the long term. The same might be said of the sophomore album “AudioLust & HigherLove.” It is very much a compelling journey through differing electronic-pop landscapes.

AudioLust & HigherLove” by SG Lewis is out now – discover it HERE

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