Even by giving us his third album “Choreography” this summer, a thought in our music brains spoke to us that Bright Light Bright Light would turn the whole 80’s movie indebted project idea and run with it a little further.

The premise of the album concept lay in inspiration of musicals and dance sequences of Rod’s favourite 80’s movies. All his own material.

Yet, the idea was always ripe to go beyond these parameters and commit to the ultimate indulgence. This being putting his own delightful Bright Light Bright Light spin on a selection of some of the most dearly loved tracks which appeared on a slew of iconic movie soundtrack’s, forming a sister EP. What would Rod call such a thing? It just had to be “Cinematography” didn’t it?!

Let’s just say Rod’s song choices stem from the rom-com Mannequin (“Do You Dream About Me”) – Nightmare On Elm Street 2 (“Touch Me”) – The Beach (“Pure Shores”) – Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion (“Time After Time”) – Hedwig & The Angry Inch (“Wicked Little Town”) and a return to Flashdance’s “Maniac”.

The fizzing synthy re-work of which we get access to instantly when we put in a “Cinematographypre-order.

It is true, In the main these songs have seen themselves the subjects of a fair few cover versions in their time. Bright Light Bright Light’s homage to his love of 80’s film’s is justifiably done though, with a deep appreciation of the original songs in mind.

Meanwhile, prior to the 25th November EP release date, the unstoppable Rod Thomas embarks on yet another UK tour, through to November 5th. So catch him while you can. As he’s sure to be hot footing back over the pond to NYC all to very soon