It is happening again! Frankmusik has begun teasing yet another a new EP. Although, unlike his most recent work where Vincent gave us glimpses of the works in progress he’s kept the new music under wraps right up until the last.

If all is to be believed, or at any rate hinted at by this new single “Going Under”, the new direction the upcoming EP is going in might be more experimentally artistic than the backbone of tracks that turned up on either the last album “For You” or previous EP “Day Break”.

Vincent sure has the soulful slant in the tonality of his vocals to break out into a futuristic R’n’B, electronic sound palate of nocturnal glowing vibes. Being the skilled synth-pop maestro that he is, Vince has jumpstarted this new phase by also factoring in a flourish of woozily, skewed beats into the mix. Resulting in an intoxicating formation of sound and personalised lyrics.

Perhaps this is one of the biggest game changes in sound Frankmusik has entered into for some while, but as always guided by the impeccable production and all round artistry, along with those soulfully tailored vocals. “Going Under” reaches out with an unfaltering, charismatically empowering, sonic disposition which best proves his versatility to a greater extent. Whilst, continuing to entice us into his creative realm of electronic pop wonderment.