It’s no secret, I am a big fan of Frankmusik. His learned strokes of musicality teamed with thoughtful lyricism and soulful vocal delivery are just ridiculously and consistently on-point and is what makes him a real favourite electronic-pop musician of mine. I cannot imagine a world without new Frankmusik offerings in it, namely because no matter what, Vincent Frank always seems to bounce back when faced with the challenges of being in the music industry. Long are the days since Vincent was tied to a record label. I’ve always preferred his work as an independent artist anyways. The plan for 2021 is to release one new track at the end of each month. The March offering of “Alone” has just landed and it’s easily his best new outing for some time.

When the producer/musician relocated to the USA and visa problems prevented him from working and releasing music under the familiar Frankmusik moniker. I did fear that might be the last we heard from him. And I couldn’t think of anything sadder, to be honest. Therefore, any new material I am hearing from him is just that little bit extra right now. “Alone” settles in among Frankmusik’s more buoyant pop efforts. A pulsating, rhythmically charged piece, a bona fide anthem.

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The track speaks about looking inwardly and wishing that you had done things differently but also urges that we learn to live without regret and respect our past. I don’t follow a religion but am a firm believer that everything that happens to us, does so for a reason. Vincent hits upon this message in the song. The overall mood is that of joy, of realising we can’t do anything about the past, but we can instead shape our future and work upon working out how to be a better version of ourselves. Life has a funny way of slotting into place when we least expect it. Quite honestly it came through winning for me because of the release of this on top-form track from Frankmusik.

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