True to his promise of new music, PJ Brennan follows up the “40 Days” release from the summer with another scintillating synth-pop track called “Bones“. The new track is again produced by Frankmusik, and the music video is directed by Linus Ignatius with Danny Land on board for a second time, on this occasion as editor of the clip. Similarly to its predecessor, “Bones” is pop flavoured and melodically upbeat. It is the lyrics where the song dips a few shades darker and sexier.

And yeah, the lyrics are indeed a bit oh, la, la, to the point of painting a vivid picture of his desires around adult-time antics. I will elaborate on this no more, only to say the pleasure, pain principle is in full force. And, I admire PJ for his honesty and plain-speaking. The track’s theme does lead us to think that the video action may feature bedroom scenes. However, Frankmusik has built the track around club, style beats, which in turn act as an indicator of where the music video is set. So think on, dirty-minded people. Tsk, tsk.

PJ leads us viewers into an empty club, where he has the run of the place. He plugs in his mic, and he is on his way singing this song beneath the shafts of pink neon light which light up the room. I didn’t see PJ sneak in a birthday cake under his jacket. Yet, he celebrates by cutting himself a slice of aforementioned, birthday cake with an assortment of soft toy guests looking on. (I have to admit this particular bit, began to feel a touch freakily, disturbing.) Just wait on a minute, in a blink of an eye, the singer paints himself up as a clown. Presumably, because he’s hinting at being taken for a fool and not because he has a weird fascination with Pennywise.

In truth, I really don’t know how to feel about this video. The soft toys and the clown face leave me feeling uneasy, I guess. I very much, like the song and PJ’s vocals though. These two things are putting a happy smile on my face today.

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