Since New Music Friday paused for the holidays, last week. You might have thought there would be little new music to talk about. Wrong! I do try to give my ears some rest during the holidays. Even so, I knew my downtime would be short-lived. This was because I have been excitedly awaiting the release of a new Frankmusik album since the beginning of last year. The plan for 2021 was to release one new track at the end of each month. Vincent kept to his promise. His new music releases have been regular, as clockwork over the past 12 months. The track “Alone” caught my attention back in March for two reasons. 1) The track is brilliant. 2) It allowed me to update you all with the news that a new album was coming.

True to his word, the album “Carissimi” and “Next” (the final track) arrived over the New Year. Thus, as you can probably imagine for the last 48 hours, my ears have well and truly been revelling in Frankmusik ecstasy. With this album, I got the overriding sense that Vince is purely making music for pleasure. For no other reason but to please himself. The fact that he does not hesitate to explore a wide range of music styles implies this. He covers, pop, “La Thing” (club) “Next“, dance-pop, and anthems “Alone”. The production (where he always excels) is, of course, chef’s kiss.

Although I have spent time with all of the Frankmusik albums, the bond with his firstborn “Complete Me” has been hard for me to shake off. Listening to “Carissimi” in its entirety has me feeling differently. My opinion is overturned. I am feeling it is because of the energy both releases have is somewhat similar. The difference between these recordings is 15 years of experience making music, and Vince has independently released “Carissimi“. Whereas “Complete Me” was put out via a label.

I Rate “Carissimi” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

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I got you here under the pretence of sharing my thoughts about the latest single “Next“. It is only right, that my parting words go to the track. Specifically, it is Frankmusik’s most club-oriented offering because of the pulsing bassline this brings to mind. Also, there is something very right about this album concluding with a song about needing to be in close contact with the people we like to be around. i.e. closeness. A closing song about closeness. Only the work of a genius mind at work would do this.

The album “Carissimi” by Frankmusik is out now – Click here to buy it on CD or stream it here.

Either way, the choice is yours to make. However, closing out this review, I will not beat about the bush in saying, this is an album you NEED to listen to asap.

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