Complete Me,” the debut album from Frankmusik has always been one of my favourites. The fact that I adore Vince’s debut album is something I have not hidden on this site. I know I have been quiet about it thus far. When Vince announced in January, “2022 will be a little 2009… “Complete Me” is being fully remade from scratch. (Each song will be released at the end of each month. The album with instrumentals and bonus tracks at the end of the year. It will include physical releases also). The album will be called “Completed.” I was practically frothing at the mouth with excitement.

Perhaps, it appears I was sitting idle without making a comment about these new reimaginings. Know this. At the end of each month, my ears are in a happy state, listening to the reinvented tracks Frankmusik is delivering. The latest drop-off is one I have especially anticipated, “Confusion Girl“. The song that started my obsession with Vince’s music, to begin with.

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I like what Vince is doing on this project, tightening the production on the tracks. Nothing so much as swapping out chunks of the original cuts as yet. The originals are proof, positive, excellent foundations to build on when giving this album an update. However, it isn’t the production (although pristine) that sends me into a frenzy on “Confusion Girl.” It is the vocals where Vince has smashed it. The control and precision of the singing is immaculate. I truly, lost the plot when leaving the final verse. Vince expertly unleashes a falsetto note so confidently that he recreates the same exuberant charm Mika is famous for.

The difference between the old and new versions is the vibrancy of the vocal. It now sounds completely alive and energised in a way it wasn’t before. I am completely in awe of what Vince has done on “Confusion Girl” (Completed).

While we are reminiscing, do you remember the video for “Confusion Girl,”… Holly Valance co-starred in the clip with Vince. As you are bopping along to this new update on the song, you might like to check out (here) the little chat Raj had with Vince back in the day about the making of the video.

Coincidently, did you realise “Kiss Kiss” by Holly Valance turns 20 this year? Who would like Holly to come out of retirement and give us a reboot?

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