It’s clear that Samira has a talent for creating music that is both catchy and enjoyable to listen to. Since embarking on her solo music venture earlier this year. Rapidly rising pop newcomer Samira is building up an impressive repertoire of tracks. Her first track, “Like This Like That,” was produced by Cutfather and has a catchy beat that is sure to get you moving. Her follow-up track “That’s Not What My Friends Say,” is also noteworthy and an energetic dance anthem. In this week’s crop of new music releases, Samira strikes out for a third time, sharing “Envy Me,” her latest, irresistible dance floor slayer.

Envy Me” features Samira collaborating with track co-writer Daniel Schulz a talented multi-hyphenate from Denmark. (Daniel has the most streamed Danish debut single ever, with his 2017 hit “Turn Back Time“). The song is all about moving on from a breakup and being in a better place while knowing that your ex wishes they could do the same. Samira delivers some powerful lyrics in “Envy Me“, calling out her ex for throwing parties without her and pretending to have moved on easily. She knows that her ex is with somebody else, but deep down, they envy her. It’s a relatable and empowering message that anyone who has gone through a tough breakup can appreciate.

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It’s amazing to see how much progress she has made in just a few short months. She has gone from zero to three brilliantly crafted dance-pop smashes under her belt, that are sure to get stuck in your head for days. It’s pretty evident that her goal from the beginning was to make a big impact. She is definitely achieving that.

I have no doubt that her talent will continue to shine through in her future music. Stay tuned for Samira’s debut EP due for release later this year.

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