Music from Denmark is taking over the blog today. Rarely do I work to themes when writing about new music releases. As I have said on this blog before, the Danish pop scene is thriving. Danish music is being introduced to me much more frequently these days, for sure. And I am learning about so many new artists as well. I had no clue who has the most streamed Danish debut single ever. Do you know?… Daniel Schulz, a newcomer with his 2017 hit “Turn Back Time“, holds the title, according to my source (Troels). I learned this fact, when receiving news about Daniel’s new track “East Coast” featuring MIMI (Mimmi Sandén).

If you know your Swedish pop well, alarm bells should be ringing. The MIMI featured here on “East Coast” is the younger sister of Molly Sandén, one of Sweden’s biggest, artists and songwriters. Molly sang all the songs performed by the character, Sigrit Ericksdóttir, (played by Rachel McAdams) in the Netflix film “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga“. MIMI isn’t Molly’s understudy. She is coming up through the ranks under her own esteem. To tell the story of “East Coast“, a track requiring two voices. Daniel partners up with MIMI for this collaboration about a long-distance relationship. In this situation, one partner leaves their old life behind to move in with their new partner.

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Daniel has become known for his style of uplifting melodic pop, which is infused with R’n’B flavour. These two newcomers aren’t leaving anything to chance. They have one foot in pop the other in R’n’B. There will be plenty of takers for what “East Coast” offers. When I listen to this track, I feel warmed by the melody. Due to the enticing rhythm of the song and the sunshine allure it evokes. Another reminder winter is starting to loosen its grip. Listening to “East Coast” makes me think about the sunnier days ahead. Friends, this is never a bad thing. It makes me feel happy. They say happiness is a state of mind. Well, listening to pop with a jaunty R’nB swagger as this Daniel Schulz release has is certainly, helping me out here.

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