Without a doubt, Samira is among the hottest of the emerging artists I have featured on the blog this year. Moreover, her pop releases have all been particularly earwormworthy bops, on bops on, bops. I’ve been especially excited by the promise that an EP was forthcoming from her. Coincidently, only a few days ago, Samira announced that “Dancefloors & Drama Vol 1” will release on January 19th, 2024. Hurrah! This EP will be an undeniable wake-up call in the pop music scene. Without a doubt, this arrival will brighten up 2024 as the new releases of the music year begin in earnest. I am counting down the days in readiness for this arrival, fact!

Samira’s debut album will home some of the biggest dance tracks released this year. The debut six-track EP covers the singles “Like This, Like That“, “That’s Not What My Friends Say“, “Envy Me” and “Toxic“. The EP also features the latest heartbreak pop sensation, “Good at Goodbyes,” which Samira just released. Needless to say, this track is once more filled with danceable beats and catchy lyrics as Samira moves on from her toxic ex-lover.

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Samira’s latest single, “Good At Goodbyes” is already making waves, and with an upcoming EP in the works, her new material is sure to set the music scene ablaze. As a result of seeing a run of singles peak in the UK Top 5 Club Charts DJs everywhere are eagerly anticipating its release, and for good reason. Whatever you do, do not overlook the unique sound and captivating lyrics of Samira’s new music. Be one of the first to tune in and experience the excitement!

The wheels are set in motion for a 2024 break out. With her incredible drive, talent, looks, style, and growing fan base, Samira is set for great success.

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