Did anyone else notice that new music releases in recent weeks were increasingly littered with dance-floor bangers? Without a doubt, dance anthems are back in vogue at the moment. April 2023 has seen Kylie Minogue, Mutya Buena and Kim Petras and Nicki Minaj quick to hop on dance-floor-worthy anthems. And this is a trend that will unquestionably pick up pace as summertime arrives. In fact, if we cast our minds back to February to the official launch of pop newcomer Samira and her debut solo single “Like This Like That.” I note she was ahead of the curve and did right to strike out early.

In the follow-up release, “That’s Not What My Friends Say,” Samira is even more determined to prove she is ready to take on the queens of pop and of the clubs. Without hesitation, sharing sassy, powerhouse vocals, she declares herself ready to let the world know what she is capable of. What I have heard from her so far. The result is that Samira’s bouncy signature style dance-pop candy is on par with what the best of the best can deliver.

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Unleashing, “That’s Not What My Friends Say,” Samira said:

“Like it is for most girls my age, dating is… interesting! And so I wanted to write a semi-autobiographical girl power anthem that was spicy and full of personality, that celebrated friendship and the role your friends often take in spotting the red flags before you do!”

That’s Not What My Friends Say” held my attention. Whereas a lot of other dance-pop music does not. In part because Samira spent the past year in the studio honing her craft alongside some of the industry’s biggest hitmakers. However, none of that would matter if she wasn’t a high-calibre artist in the first place. The proof of these credentials lies in the music. You will not have to go far into her tracks before noticing how notable in the dance-pop arena Samira is set to become.

Watch this space. Since we’ve heard there’s more irresistible new music on the way, this year from this rising pop star.

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