She has truly been a force to reckon with this year. Independently releasing emerging talent Samira is showing no signs of slowing down! Her latest release, “Toxic,” is yet another bop that showcases her unique style and talent. In this track, the fast-rising pop queen encourages listeners to hit the dancefloor and let loose, using music as a way to shed the weight of bad relationships by dancing away their troubles.

Samira said: “’Toxic’ is one of my favourite babies – it’s fun, flirty and sassy, but underneath the gloss it’s actually quite sad, tackling the important question of, ‘Why do we put up with bad behaviour in relationships, and what makes us go back to those situations?’”

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Samira has been on fire this year with her amazing releases, and her latest track “Toxic” is no exception. With her unique sound, she’s already making a name for herself in the music industry. “Toxic” is an absolute bop that will have you dancing your troubles away in no time. I definitely envisage her rising to the top of the charts alongside established pop queens like Dua Lipa and Mimi Webb. This year Samira has consistently delivered dance-pop hits. Evidently therefore, she’s now well on her way to headlining her own shows. With her talent and drive, I have no doubt that 2024 will be her year to shine. As she continues to build her profile through electrifying live performances.

Her latest release, “Toxic,” is a testament to her talent and ability to create infectious dance-pop bangers. Co-written by Samira with Kal Lavelle (Ed Sheeran), Tancrede Rouff, and Theo Douke. Confirms the industry has already taken notice of her. Therefore, I feel it’s only a matter of time before she rises to the top.

With the imminent announcement of her debut EP, the anticipation for what’s to come is palpable. Since, Samira’s music has the potential to be recognized by tastemakers. It would be a shame if the likes of the BBC Sound Of poll were not to acknowledge the impact of her pop/dance-pop sound.

Moreover, keep an eye out for Samira in the coming months, as I feel she’s more waves to make in the music industry.

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