Are you ready for some electrifying news? The break-out dance-pop sensation Samira has done it again. Merely a month after releasing her stunning debut EP “Dancefloors & Drama Vol 1,” she is back with a bang! This time, she has collaborated with Liverpool-based DJ/Producer ESSEL, and lends her mesmerizing voice to the empowerment anthem “Where My Girls At?.” The song is a modern take on the 90s hit single by the American girl group 702 and is sure to leave you feeling empowered and energized.

Furthermore, this undoubted banger came about in quite an organic way…

“As soon as I heard the track demo, I was hooked,” says ESSEL. “Later, I found out that Samira was the vocalist and a few years earlier when she was in Love Island I’d reached out to collab, so when this came around, I felt the stars have finally aligned, and it just felt right to release something together finally.”

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In this version of the song, ESSEL and Samira have taken inspiration from the 1999 certified gold original and added their own touch. They achieve this by leaning further into the melody’s pop vibe and further utilizing the refrain “Where My Girls At?” to emphasize the power of female solidarity. It’s a refreshing take on an already popular track.

Don’t wait any longer to give it a listen!

ESSEL is definitely a rising star in the music industry. Where notably, her exceptional talent in crafting beats that are both powerful and energetic is what stands her apart from the rest. Her music is a perfect blend of dance-pop that can get anyone on the dance floor in no time. It’s no wonder that top DJs like David Guetta, Alesso, Axwell, and Tiesto are already showing their support for her. ESSEL’s music is definitely worth watching out for. Check out more ESSEL releases HERE.

Likewise, Samira’s latest collaboration with ESSEL is an exciting development for the aspiring pop star. Since the track marks her first collaboration since her hit with W.D.C., “I Love Your Smile“, in 2022. The song spent an impressive 16 days in Spotify’s Daily Viral UK Chart and even received daytime Radio 1 support. This achievement shows that Samira has what it takes to make it in the industry. Moreover, leaves us all eagerly anticipating her next big hit.

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