There are a little and few between female artists who we cannot accuse of being predictable. In a Gaga and Madonna shaped pop world, Allie X fits the bill as being a little off-centre but oozing a natural quirkiness. I fell hook, line and sinker for the singer’s left field synth-pop stylings at day one. And I can’t begin to imagine how stale new pop may have become if it wasn’t for the all, ways intriguing Canadian singer/songwriter’s arrival on the music scene.

Really, there hasn’t been a solitary Allie X track which I haven’t connected with, each and every one has it’s own individualist, beguiling charm. I don’t really need to put these words out there, but for documentation’s sake, I stan hard. The singer neatly packaged up her latest track collection “CollXtion II” last summer but if we thought we might be in for a long-haul kind of wait for a new track or two to surface afterwards, we have been proved wrong. The song “Focus” dropped in June, introducing a poppier groove, the likes of which we had not yet heard from the hitmaker before. Hot on its heels is “Not So Bad In LA” where the electronic-pop mastermind appears to have stepped into the voice box of one Lana Del Rey. Only in my personal opinion Allie X out styles Lana in every context, owing to dry humour so clearly evident in the delivery of the song.

During the past four years, we’ve become accustomed to Allie X peeling back the layers, bit by bit revealing more about herself through her songs. Lyrically “Not So Bad In LA” is one of her most personal yet. It delves into the requisite cognitive dissonance, of living in a city that thrives on status and glamour-recognising its soullessness and superficiality. Ultimately, when it’s sunny and nice outside it can make you feel differently in an instant. About, the song, X says, “I was driving to the dry cleaner, and it was really sunny, and really nice. I said, ‘ah, it’s not so bad in L.A.’ I made a voice memo” out of it, came this song, X’s undoubtedly quirkiest in a while. Summing up, the song is bursting at the seams with elegant, electro-pop goodness, but is more owing with the not so surprising authentic quality of the music, than it does with her trademark quirky style.

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