It all started about a year ago, that Allie X began steaming away, putting together sophomore album “CollXtion II” by inviting her fans in on the creative process. As the project in development has run its course, it has brought a clutch of singles “Too Much to Dream”, “All The Rage”, “That’s So Us” along the way.

All things “CollXtion II” are ready to kick-off in earnest for release in the next few weeks. Yet, Allie couldn’t wait any longer to set the wheels in motion with the announcing of upcoming show dates and so to the quirky lady has also put up the album pre-order links and filtered out the customary instant grat track.

Fore-going the synths which played such a major part in the bulk of Allie X’s work thus far, taster track “Paper Love” favours a combination of chirrupy whistles and bass guitar strokes to implement a bold pop sensible structure. A canvas which adds a tone of darkness to the airy lightness which Allie X’s dreamy vocal gives. This is a song about falling for the wrong person but even though you’re destined to be headed into troubled waters, you can’t but help yourself to wade in deep and go there anyways.

Oh I know that boys gonna rip me up cause he ain’t that nice, he won’t do right, he’ll leave a nasty cut. Oh, I cry until I just dissolve Come on watch my heart turn to pulp like paper, paper, paper. Paper love