She’s back! Allie X is back with a bang! Friday, she unleashed a new track, “Black Eye“. Her first song out since “Anchor” from her 4th studio album “Cape God“. With her alt-pop sound, Allie X has always managed to captivate her audience, and “Black Eye” is no exception. This is a must-listen for all alt-electronic music enthusiasts out there. Get ready to be blown away!

With”Black Eye“, Allie X has crafted her own unique 80s retro vibe. Notably,the guitars feel somewhat inspired by The Cure. Moreover, the electronic drum stylizing used is reminiscent of New Order in parts. These elements, when combined with Allie X’s distinctive artistic interpretation, create a dark, gothic allure that is absolutely spine-tingling. Furthermore, Allie’s haunting vocals and artistic interpretation of pain and sadness are noticeably reminiscent of the iconic Kate Bush.

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It’s exciting to hear that Allie X has more releases planned for her new era. I’m looking forward to hearing what she has in store, especially since she’s self-producing the tracks. “Black Eye” gives us a taste of what’s to come and it feels like she is returning to her intriguing earliest alt-pop sound and building on it. It will be interesting to see where she takes us next.

Allie X’s new era is turning out as experimental and innovative musically as output of Jessica Winter – as “Black Eye” is very reminiscent to Jessica’s music. Both of these artists undoubtedly have a hand in shifting alt-experimentalist electronic music forward in 2024.

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