The journey into “CollXtion II”, the sophomore album from pop auteur Allie X has been one of true fan engagement. Each step of the way, the much-buzzed about Canadian Alexandra Hughes has led her fan community into her mystical X world, peeling away the layers which illuminate her eclectically complex persona. As the title “CollXtion II” suggests, this new collection of tracks picks up from where the debut album left off. Further exploring the intrinsic, identity makeup of her shadow self and delving deep into the psyche, “CollXtion II” shows a personal growth which continues to laud Allie X the title of “international new music artist of intrigue”.

The most instant thing you will encounter when listening to “CollXtion II” is the distinct richness of sound and melodies Allie X has taken on board. The overall picture of sound notation is rounded out as opposed to the sinewy, indie-tronic identity which served to style her 2015, long player debut. The new collection of tracks wends its way through moments of glossy dance pop offerings which are spiked with Allie X’s clever and uncompromising lyrics. Album opener and dark pop banger “Paper Love” hits your ears steadfastly, with purposeful resolve, setting the tone for this grandiose collection of intelligent pop tracks.

There is a smattering of tracks which began life as buzz offerings which have earned themselves a coveted spot on the final track listing such as “Old Habits Die Hard” and “That’s So Us” which give the album a sense of familiarity. However the larger proportion of “CollXtion II” is gleaming with new songs which ensures this album campaign has plenty more momentum in its wake. Sure-fire hits await in every crevice of “CollXtion II”, owing its diversified nature. Candidates for future singles surely exist with the boppy, dancefloor groover “Casanova” and the dreamily cushioned pop ballad “True Love Is Violent”.

The strength of Allie X’s artistry and work ethic is such, that she has avoided the tricky sophomore album situation and come through with a cracking collection of intelligent pop tracks which speak out louder in brilliance than that of the critically-acclaimed debut.