It’s crazy how time flies, isn’t it? I can’t believe that Allie X just released her fifth album, “Girl With No Face,” a few days ago. I was really impressed by the singles she dropped before the album’s release – “Black Eye,” “Girl With No Face,” and “Off With Her Tits” – they were all so creatively engaging and unique. What is even more impressive is that she took complete control of the project, from performing to songwriting and producing. This level of creative autonomy is exciting because it allowed her to push her creativity even further, both musically and narratively. After listening to the album over the weekend, I can say that she definitely delivered on that promise.

Allie X is an artist who truly understands how to incorporate visuals into her work. Whether it’s through captivating visualisers, lyric videos, or stunning artworks. As seen thus far with “Girl With No A Face“, her projects are always aesthetically pleasing. So, the release of an official music video for “Weird World,” the only song with a complete video that is directed by Allie X and Bryan Hindle, is truly a treat. I highly recommend checking it out to experience the full artistic vision behind the track.

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The track “Weird World” explores her vulnerability and struggle with perception in the public eye. Through her lyrics, she courageously confronts issues such as self-worth, negative thoughts about age, and health struggles that weigh heavily on her daily. However, she takes the bold step of embracing her true self and owning her uniqueness, setting an inspiring example for others to do the same. This track is not only a beautiful work of art in its visual representation of satire and use of caricature. The clip also emotes a motivational message for those struggling with similar challenges.

Want more insight into “Girl With No Face“… there’s a suitably in-depth interview with Instyle – check it here.

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