Forget that we’ve endured an eight-year-long wait. Forget that Robyn kind of tricked us into thinking that we’d be hearing new music from her on Monday. “Missing U” the track we’ve been waiting on for the best part of a decade from the Queen of Swedish pop is here. Nothing else matters now, the waiting game is over, and all is forgiven.Because the song is perfection.

The track just premiered on BBC Radio One as Hottest Record In The World with Annie Mac, and it was so good to hear Robyn chatting about the song and THE ALBUM, yes the album is coming this year! During the interview, we learned the new album has a sensuality and softness to it. Collaborators on the project are Mr Tophat, Kindness, Joseph Mount and Klas Åhlund among others. “Missing U” which was recorded and written in Paris and Stockholm is a hint of what’s coming but is also the song which sounds most like the old stuff. Consider us at pique intrigue already!


Stylistically the track calls to mind “With Every HeartBeat“, it has kind of the same propulsive beat. Glissading synths play heavenly on the ears and what can you say about Robyn’s cherubic voice other than, it’s been missed by so many electronic pop fans more than she could ever know.

“‘Missing U’ is a song about this trippy thing that happens when people disappear, it’s like they become even more clear and you see them everywhere,” says Robyn.

Well, I know there’s an army of fans who can’t wait to see Robyn everywhere because they’ve missed her. Expect the odd show here and there, but it sounded much like the tour’s happening next year as was hinted at in the chat with Annie Mac. If you’re on holiday in Ibiza this weekend you need to get yourselves down to Cafe Mambo on Sunday 5th August, because Robyn has just been revealed as the special mystery guest at Radio One’s annual dance party on the white isle.

Robyn saved pop. We couldn’t love her more.

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