With EQ Music Blog being such fans of the Swedish singer. You know I wouldn’t be so foolish, as to pass up writing about Robyn don’t you? As you may have noticed, I was hot on the case with “Missing U” although I haven’t yet reviewed the track “Honey” released in September of this year. This wasn’t because of lack of interest in the track. Truth is I became poorly sick with a 48-hour illness and took some time to rest up for a couple of days. Instead, I thought I would be able to play a bit of catch-up when the video came out. Although, I wasn’t expecting to wait as long as a couple of months for it to appear.

The video for “Honey” went live just a few short hours ago. Now I am of the opinion it probably was the wise choice to unleash the film clip after the album had arrived and we had lived with it for a short time. I know my thoughts about the song have completely changed because of how the track fits within the context of the album. Now we are more clued up about the themes and club-dance vibe of “Honey” (album) the video reveals more meaning than just being caught dancing in the nightclub.

The clip directed by Max Vitali who has previously helmed many iconic visuals for Robyn, including the video for ”Call Your Girlfriend.” Takes us viewers on a sensory, evocative voyage. The soft focus style of the music video encapsulates the sensual ambience of the song, also that it is a testament to love. Robyn’s mantra in this album campaign has been of bringing people together and communicating in person. The people we see in the video are here, after, Robyn issued an open casting call, posted to Twitter, where she asked for modern and liberated supporters to send in videos of themselves dancing. The music video was filmed in London and stars Robyn and these fans.

Having this insightful information really does add another dimension to the dreamy dance track. I feel it also appropriate to mention the Spotify playlist, “The Music That Inspired Honey” the singer put together. If you haven’t already checked it out, it gives a better understanding of the chilled music style Robyn chose to go with for “Honey,” and artist influences.

I am also going to take this opportunity to share a clip of Robyn performing “Honey” for BBC Radio One, Live Lounge this week. Perhaps it will make you think seriously about booking those tour tickets. There are still European dates with ticket availability. Treat yourself to an early Christmas present HERE.

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