Continuing the build-up to their mini album release together of “Do It AgainRöyksopp and Robyn do appear to be set on and blowing our senses sideways with the full unveiling of accompanying album track “Sayit”.

As if they didn’t already trip us out with a mesmerizing hypno-bonanza of a lyric video for the title track “Do It Again” the ever creative Scandinavians, along with overseeing directors of Sandberg and Timonen style out a juddering artpiece which features a talking dog and chicken, Robyn in a spookily futuristic dress together with a fully masked-up Röyksopp.

Sounds like a whole pot of crazy right? most certainly is and definitely not one to be watching the morning after a party night out!

The track itself falls a long way sharp off of being a pivotal moment on the mini-album, especially with it’s raw experimental nature teamed against speak and spell stylised vocals which subsequently allot it to a certain niched experimentalist mindset.

This video cut of the track might seem like a testing 5 minutes long when it nears the ¾ listening mark, but that is not the all of it, as the promo copy that was sent over to me burns it for a minute and a half further. However, when you consider the bigger unfolding picture within the mini album concept whereupon, another couple of the tracks are each almost a cool 10 minutes in length, “Sayit” doesn’t then seem to appear quite so daunting.

Whilst we can’t dismiss the overall good place that this diverse listening experience of a mini album comes from over the generic electronic fodder that we are readily spoonfed on a day to day basis, we must remember that this project is primarily one that is guided by Röyksopp with Robyn assisting (and serves as introduction to Röyksopp’s new album due later this year). So, as much as we’d be craving perhaps another fembot dance pop track or two on this mini album, it falls to “Do It Again” to deliver the goods.[/one_half]