Excellent news! Ariana and the Rose has a new track out. The singer is giving us something a little different to the usual synth-pop bangers. Goes indie-pop leaning on “You Were Never My Boyfriend.” Three years ago it would not have crossed my mind that I’d consider Ariana and the Rose among my favourite emerging female pop acts. She released “Survival of the Fittest,” and my opinion steadily began to change. To the point, I now find myself evermore eagerly awaiting what comes next.

I love her aesthetic. I also love how she turns the music into an experience. This time for “You Were Never My Boyfriend” she shares perhaps her most vulnerable lyrics, which ponder whether a short fling, was ever really a fling in the romantic sense or more a case of being friends with benefits. In the aftermath, figuring out whatever it was, is screwing with her head. To be honest, her not-boyfriend acted shadily and has, therefore, got what was coming to him in Ariana’s declaration (after careful thought,) that he was never her boyfriend.

The catchy lo-fi track is lifted from the forthcoming “Constellations” EP Phase 1, (EP out July 2019.) The song is a peppy blast of irresistible pop, with just the right amount of quirky and off-beat elements. There is a refreshing jolt of energy, stemming from this ingenious ditty which is hard to ignore. Ariana’s airy voice delivers a message as blunt as the stabbing beats which punch out the enticing melody of this track. It’s just another example of what makes Ariana and the Rose stand out so effortlessly in the current musical landscape. A fine record. A large dollop of fun. A song that you’ll be singing for the rest of the day!

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