I have to admit, I’m not usually one to gush over mega pop stars, but Kylie Minogue has really outdone herself with her latest album “Tension.” It’s not that her previous work wasn’t great, but this album is truly unskippable and a joy to listen to. And let’s not forget about Saturday evening’s TV coverage (UK) dedicated to her – it’s clear that she’s still loved by many fans around the world. Kylie truly is a queen of the pop realm.

Hot on the heels of her headline performance at Radio 2 In the Park, in Leeds where she performed the tracks “Padam Padam” and “Tension” from the album, another new song “Hold On To Now” was premiered globally. In fact, I may be jumping the gun a little in my assumptions, but I think this track has a good chance of becoming the next official single. The only potential issue could be that it’s a bit longer than typical radio play length, which might not be ideal. But overall, it seems like a promising decision.

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Wow, “Hold On To Now” is such a beautiful and shimmering song! The synths in it remind me so much of The Sound of Arrows, which is just amazing. My first listen to this track absolutely blew me away, and I couldn’t wait to feature it on the blog. The entire “Tension” album is fantastic, and it’s hard for me to choose favourites. Since, overall, the album is 45 minutes of pure joy and uplifting energy.

I was thinking that “Story” would make a great single to release next or “Vegas High” for that matter. Equally, they’ve got really cool synth-pop vibes that I think would really resonate with listeners. I’ve only listened to “Tension” a few times, but I think these could be great follow-up choices. This album is so good that the possibilities are endless, really. And much like every other pop fan, I am excited to see where this goes next!

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