How I’ve hated to be a Kylie Minogue party pooper, but the recent ‘Golden‘ era just wasn’t my cup of tea at all. I guess on the face of it, I’m just into old school Minogue more. There is some good coming in the way of my nostalgic adoration of Kylie. In celebration of thirty years in the music business, the Aussie pop Queen is to release “Step Back In Time” – The Definitive Collection. A career-spanning album which includes forty-one of her ultimate hits plus a bonus track “New York City.” The album will be released June 28th, two days prior to the pop princesses Glastonbury slot on the iconic pyramid stage.

The bonus song written during songwriting sessions for the “Golden” album is already a hit with her fans. It was first aired during a BUILD series interview by the singer who spontaneously burst into singing a few bars of the song when answering questions put to her by fans. She went on to perform the track on some of the shows on the “Golden” tour although, a studio recording of it, hasn’t existed until now.

I am super happy “New York City” was scooped up from the cutting room floor and has made the light of day as a fully fledged album track. It is a total electronic funk-pop earworm which is decorated a good dose of shiny discotasticness. I particularly like that this song has been granted special status on a greatest hits collection as it goes to show sometimes the seeds of an idea have to grow a little before being polished into a pop smash. As there was fan interest in the song anyways, and because of Kylie giving mentions of it. It seems to me the singer has always had a special fondness where this track is concerned. I suspect was waiting all along for the opportunity to arise, to give it a home where it would fit in somewhere. Whoop it is a bonza bonus, which is worthy enough to encourage fans to buy a physical release either of the following formats. Double CD / deluxe CD, 2 LP Picture Disc Vinyl,2 LP Limited Edition Mint Green Vinyl, 2 LP Standard Black Gatefold Vinyl, and a Double Cassette available in 5 limited edition colours. (Head to the Kylie store HERE! for these EXCLUSIVES)

While self-curated Spotify playlists are cool, they are unable to give you this kind of special memorabilia to treasure.

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