Let’s be honest there’s nothing that would stop us from fizzing with excitement at the mere prospect of a new Kylie track, even if it meant it was a collaboration – there have been rumours surfacing online about it for months.

But now, it’s time to rejoice lovers because the track in question “Still Feels Like The First Time” has placement on the latest Zoot Woman album “Absence” and it’s now widely available for everybody to listen to until their hearts content. Not going to lie, kinda stoked by this collaboration.

Zoot Woman, the music group of producer extraordinaire Stuart Price and brothers Adam and Johnny Blake are highly regarded for notching up, pop infiltrated, retro-futuristic minded, electronic devised soundscapes. This fits in seamlessly with pop goddess Kylie’s whispery aerated, vocal chops.

No more to say. Destination – ethereally blessed pop heaven achieved.