Allie X

The buzz surrounding pop newcomer Allie X enters a second round of new pop discovery as the Torontonian via L.A. artist backs up upon her blog lavished and acclaimed debut track “Catch”, that we’ve heard has not only continued to rapidly chart notice throughout the blogosphere; (including an “Emerging Artist” feature here on EQ) but Allie X has also been brought to the notice of cotton candy pop princess Katy Perry who openly laid her love online for the pop golden debut.

Adding fuel to the already ignited buzz, Allie X deploys a second synth pop potent opus entitled “Prime”.

Formed of a towering synth structure, “Prime” swiftly opens out substantially into an electro poppers o’clock styled banger brimming with wonky pop sensibilities, and topped off with a noted Chvrches like vocal execution.

Prime” is electro frothy and swollen with widely sweeping rhythms at its heart. It also fires glittering electro pop guns of 80’s retro fierceness into it’s exuberantly but fantastically outlandish contoured vision and we rather like it / adore it all the more for it.

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