Paper Love is my favourite Allie X video. I know I say this about every Allie X video, but the truth is I’m attracted to the creativity and Allie X’s coolness in going out on a limb with her ideas. There is always a twist of a dark edge, and I like that, it makes everything more real.

The video to “Paper Love” sees Allie X dressed up like a doll. We are not on full Chucky proportions but, there are some hints of coulrophobia (phobia of clowns). The eerie vacant stare has such a feeling of remoteness and emptiness because we are unable to read anything in the face, owing to the lack of facial expressions. There is a sense of something sinister is about to happen. Thankfully we don’t reach that point. I would have slithered out of my skin before we got here anyway. What is never far away from focus are references to manipulative tones in the lyrics and in watching the young girl rogue up her dolly and cut off her hair.

The video is sad but beautifully executed.

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