Michaela May 1

It’s been a while since I’ve thrown caution to the wind and found myself caught up in the grip of a big power pop moment. Aha but emerging singer/songwriter Michaela May has penned out a few to her name already and is on course to make an indent on the popular music markets of the UK and US with her debut release “When you Say”.

The proof of talent that has seen Michaela work with the songwriters and producers to the Spice Girls, Britney and Christina Aguilera is all here to be heard through the big whoosh of driving pop on “When You Say”.

Michaela’s soaring vocals lead with ease as they elevate to roll out a put down message to a persistent suitor. That’s it gurl bellow it out in song!

Whilst there’s no denying you’d quite imagine someone like Kelly Clarkson to be behind a gigantesque power ballad of this magnitude, Michaela May might just be on her way to stealing a ray of Kelly’s sunshine for a bit and getting noticed for this track on her own merit, as it’s immense radio friendly presence implies that it has all the ingredients for a successful streak of playlist rotation.