Remember the debut EP release I said we were hurtling to when Michaela May last peeped up on our radar with her storming track “You and I”?

Well it’s here. It’s called “Rogue” and right about now I’m at a loss for big descriptive words to tell you just how fabulous it all is because I’m overcome by the explosion of poptasticness that has hit me. It’s safe to say that this EP has been a work in progress for quite a while but boy has it been worth the wait. Every one of the 6 tracks is a shining disco moment.

We’ve already visited the stellar heights of “1954”, “Lights Out” and “You and I” previously, so if my maths is right there’s another 3 tracks that until now we haven’t discovered. These being “Sapiosexual”, “Loveaholic” and “Lost”. One word covers them all…and that word is… banger!

If you’re in the market for buying/streaming a quality pop EP, “Rogue” by Michaela May is the one you should head for.