Michaela May

All’s been rather quiet on the emerging pop diva front for a while, that’s not to say there hasn’t been plenty of new female solo acts charting a course of becoming a known name in some capacity within the world of music. What it does signify is that these other lady newcomers in contemporary pop are happily going about their business down differing avenues of pop attributes.

Michaela May though, has always had her sights locked into the commercially mainstream and radio friendly approach, as we have previously brought to light here and here.

In the radio silence since Michaela’s last release, has seen the aspiring pop force relocate to Toronto and fresh from her new life start, finally begin work on the debut EP effort.

What we haven’t seen from Michaela yet, is the must have for any aspiring pop diva; being equipped with an empowerment anthem. Thus, having an EP collection of tracks ready to go, seems justifiably the right time to see that the name Michaela May becomes associated with such a diva like calling card of her own.

So Michaela has elected her new EP’s introductory track “1954” to fulfill her aspiring pop diva credentials. It comes good, because the highly upbeat animated toe-tapper is lyrically representative of reinforcing the social message that bravery in living the way you choose is the key to opening up the most happiness in life, that in truth only we as individuals can ultimately facilitate for ourselves.

The desirably poppy nature of this track might have spooked the the women’s lib movement 1954, but in 2016 it is likely to be drunk up and served out at the top of the lungs by likeminded sing out sisters.

All this and a dum, dee, dum, dee, dum, dum, dum refrain in the chorus!