Michaela May

It comes as a certain, whenever there is an alert out on a new release from Michaela May, the fruits of her tunemaking labours will turn out to be nothing but popcentrically poetic and more to the point, hugely gravitated towards a pleasingly mainstream aesthetic.

True to the above, the Scottish singer/songwriter has bagged all of a particularly 80’s indebted pop sound into new single ‘Lights Out’.

For the following 4 ½ mintues it’s a little as if Michaela has stepped into Belinda Carlisle’s stomping pop shoes. Guess it’s mostly stemming from those steely guitar strings and twinkly synths, but it’s certainly coming over clear as day in a capsule of retro-sized anointed throwback.

This video is all about moving away from the past, growing into the future and basically looking all gorgeously bodacious and some.

Sometimes you don’t need to go any deeper than that. Take a lead from Michaela and just dance those cares away.