Already proven to ourselves that she is confidently capable of fronting a big power pop song, Scottish born, London based singer/songwriter Michaela May follows up on last years debut release of “When You Say” by teasing new track “Drink It Up!”.

Interestingly although, Michaela’s roots are bedded here in the UK her musical sound appears more worked to an American pop vibe mostly owing we presume to the fact that she has collaborated in the past with the songwriters and producers to Christina Aguilera and Britney.

New track “Drink It Up!” is wholly evident of the aforementioned Americana pop vibe, right from its country pop acoustic guitar styled lead-in, the track complete follows through in an almost Taylor Swift like fashion, whilst Michaela demonstrates her versatility as a vocalist and takes the lead on the track with a positively glowing passion.

Basically as the title suggests the track is about going out and getting a bit one over the eight on the tipsy side. In the instance of this song, owing to fact of a parting of ways from a boyfriend, it is not so much the drowning of sorrows but more in the vein of see I can have fun without you.

Quite honestly is there any style of pop that Michaela can’t pull off!? As it appears her vocals will lend themselves amiably all ways within the pop genre, since the arrival of “Drink It Up!” is perfectly cementing of it. On the back of this, it is clear that Michaela has much too offer in the realm of new emerging pop and we would suggest you get the early heads-up on it now!