Pop artist Michaela May has a way of beaming her way back onto our radar with nothing less than premium pop gems. Fact of the matter is, she has continued to do so ever since we first began writing about her and there is no change up in the formula as Michaela hurtles towards the release of her debut EP.

Hitting the promo trail with a fresh out of the bag new single “You and I”. Michaela firms up a smashing, retro inspired track that does a fine job of making heartbreak sound so much better than it really is, might I add only in the terms of this song. We all know the reality is the pain of break-up cuts deep.

If I was writing about “You and I” 30 years ago, I quite see that it would have made it onto a Breakfast Club movie score. Thinking about it, the track probably wouldn’t be so out-of-place for use on a Bridget Jones soundtrack. The dynamic is such that it has some definite high vis, silver-screen charm of old about it and that would fit right in with the adorably clumsy Ms Jones, franchise aesthetic.

On the account of giving us the embodiment of 80’s pop, Michaela May does not disappoint as she’s tapped right back into the heart of it which made household names of Debbie Gibson, Wilson Phillips, Martika and a host more. Too many in number to mention, who ruled the radio waves back in the day.