It really comes to something when an English/Albanian pop artist scoops the opening slot at the Grammy Awards ceremony, such as Dua Lipa did last week. Given that the USA is a nation beloved of many homegrown pop divas of its own. And, yet also, only goes to reaffirm Dua’s high stature in the pop hierarchy these days. Although, since dropping “Houdini” in November 2023, as the first focus single lifted from her upcoming, as yet untitled third album. The increasing sense of expectation surrounding the follow-up release has remained on high alert.

And so, after leaving pop fans dangling for three months, the Grammy’s gala night presented itself as the optimum opportunity to air an opening medley surrounding Dua’s new era. Giving just a teaser of the new track “Training Season,” as well as a performance of “Houdini.”

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Having explained all the songs on the new album are quite different when speaking at the time of the release of “Houdini.” With the second single “Training Season,” the musical style doesn’t appear vastly out of step when comparing both tracks.

What is unchanged, is the visual angle of Dua’s music videos. These do have a reputation as encompassing both evocative and stylish elements. Linking up with director Vincent Haycock, the “Training Season,” clip highlights Dua in thoughtful prose, seated in a coffee house. She shares glances with the other customers (who hint at her ex boyfriends). Furthermore, while staring intently into her coffee cup she sets about spilling the tea on her previous boyfriend’s behaviour towards dating her.

In a press statement, Dua explained more about the lyrical narrative of “Training Season,” saying…

“While it is obviously about that feeling when you are just absolutely done telling people…men specifically in this case, how to date you right; it is also about my training season being over and me growing with every experience,” she continues. “I have never felt more confident, clear or empowered. And while it may be that training season is never over for any of us, you start to see the beauty in finding that person to experience it with. You stop looking for the trainees and become more interested in having someone where you are and someone to grow with.

It seems that Dua Lipa’s third album will have a total of 11 tracks, as she has already confirmed. With two tracks already released, it’s likely that there will be at least two more singles before the full album drops. This timing is perfect for a pre-summer release slot. Therefore, it wouldn’t surprise if we learn the album’s name at the next single drop. Exciting stuff!

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