We had some warning the hotness of a remix version of Dua Lipa’s hit sophomore album “Future Nostalgia” was coming. The excitement really became ignited when it was confirmed, Madonna, Missy Elliot, Gwen Stefani and Mark Ronson were set to feature on it. Can you imagine how hard it’s been keeping this news under wraps? No wonder Dua whisked herself away on holiday the absolute, minute she could do so. Given the disco-influenced nature of “Future Nostalgia“, a reimagined version of the album was always on the cards methinks.

The track “Levitating” was made in a club-style, to begin with, so no surprise it ended up the top choice for the lead-in single to the album release due Friday 21st August. As you’d expect Dua wants to create an impression and has gone BIG getting both Madonna and Missy Elliott involved on The Blessed Madonna Remix. (Who is also huge, coup, on this project.) The deep bass-line of the track is the stuff of dancefloor dreams. Creating wickedly huge, pulsing beats which you know Missy is going to make tight, business, of wrapping her whip-smart, wordy chops around. She does not disappoint. She’s still so freaking fresh. There is a liberal amount of Madonna’s vocals featured in this mix. She takes command of a, verse and links up with Dua on the chorus. What she brings to the new treatment is enjoyable, but not exactly what I would call special.

The remixed track also gets its own music video. Dua and Missy showed up for it. BOO for Madge fans, as Madonna dropped out. (Not entirely true – when you check out the Instagram post from Madonna – below.) The premise of the clip is date night. The sky is midnight blue, and there are loved-up couples, doing what loved-up couples do, lighting up the world like stars. Dua included, she and real-life boyfriend Anwar Hadid are seen getting cosy and share a kiss.

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I like the concept of these featured styled remixes better than the norm. Will the new trend start, from here? I really hope it becomes the next hot thing to do.

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