On Thursday evening, 9th November, UK time. Dua Lipa launched her much-anticipated new track, “Houdini,” marking the beginning of her third album era.

Since following her career from the beginning, I reviewed Dua’s past album releases and debut singles such as “New Love” and “Don’t Start Now.” I notice a pattern has emerged where each new project begins on somewhat of a slow-burn footing. Taking this observation on board, therefore, perhaps it’s safe to assume that “Houdini” follows the same musical formula.

Upon first listening, it is strikingly apparent that “Houdini” is built on a hypnotic groove that feels as though it is endlessly on repeat. This is great for dancing, but not so much in ways that make it stand out memorably among Dua’s high-ranking releases. In fact, it isn’t until the song reaches the 2-minute mark, where chiming synths join in, that it picks up a little. “Houdini‘s” redeemer is this final minute of the track, which is positively glorious. There is definitely a sense that “Houdini” acts as a complete teaser of the album.

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Speaking in an interview with iHeartRadio Dua confirmed…

“All the other songs on the album are quite different, but they do have a very psychedelic throughline overall.”

The reaction to the Manu Cossu-directed music video has been totally off-scale. “Houdini” received an unprecedented 10 million plus views in less than 24 hours. The premise of the clip features Dua seemingly rehearsing some dance choreography. She is seen first on her own, while later is joined by a room full of backup dancers. Considering the glamour and gloss of other Dua music videos, the “Houdini” clip once again appears to emit teasing sensibilities. The video is pleasurable enough. It does feel like Dua is holding back, though. I am erring on the side, that the mass response the clip recieved has more to do with welcoming Dua back to the pop stage, above all else.

I have no doubt by the time singles two and three arrive, she will indulge listeners with things especially electrifyingly earwormworthy. Similarly, I am now going to give my first prediction for 2024. I anticipate January as an exciting month for Dua Lipa fans. Since I feel sure that the first follow-up single will arrive then. This seems the most plausible scenario for Dua to slay us with her most explosive pop, release and confirm why she’s the pop sensation she has deservedly become.

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