There have been some far too chill tracks floating around the interweb which have been leaving me feeling cold as the fresh February weather, of late. Being notified about the latest DJ R3HAB collaboration with Icona Pop has soon had me warming back up and glowing at even the mere thought of what their reimagined version of the much loved S.O.A.P. track “This Is How We Party” would turn out like. I know Icona Pop’s music rather well, and I also know R3hab is pretty adept at whipping up a dynamic range of club tracks. If justice was to be served on a remake of the Danish pop duo’s 1998 runaway hit. I have a hunch R3HAB with Icona Pop, will serve it well.

Before taking a look at the new working of this song, I made a point of searching out S.O.A.P.’s original edit, as a way of refreshing my memory. It has been twenty years since it’s release after all. Anyway, it was such a treat to listen to it again and remember how much it sounded like it should have been an S Club 7 song.

As we have come to know, Icona Pop are queens of nailing down pop anthems. As a current pop act, they are a great choice to put a new spin on this song. And with R3HAB overseeing the production and stylizing of this new version. The Dutch/Moroccan artist is able to spruce up the song, ensuring it is in line with current club-dance trends. Which is exactly, what has happened to revived dance stomper. It’s pretty obvious that the song’s accompanying music video, details the ladies and DJ partying hard with a bunch of friends. The clip is brimming with smiley-faced persons, living their best lives. Acting a little crazy sometimes but not wasting the opportunity to live in the moment. I think it is important that we are reminded, dance anthems are not issued just for the summer season. It’s good to be able to get our grooves on to in the winter months, it counter-balances the comfort eating of warming bowls of stew and stodgy dessert puddings.

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