The proof is in, the wheels haven’t fallen off the Icona Pop, disco hit-making machine if you were wondering. Hurrah! It is a relief the new single “Rhythm in my Blood” which arrived Friday sees the duo back on form. As it has at times felt like the ladies had lost their way a little by trying too hard to step away from the fierce style they had created for themselves. Also much better we have a new pure Icona Pop single in my opinion instead of another collaboration which has them mixing their feisty pop sensibilities in the realm of R&B or worse electro-swing.

The fact remains, much of what the duo does these days is linked in with a collaboration or endorsement of some kind. Last they teamed up with beauty brand Avon to help spearhead the #stand4her campaign. This time, the Swedish gals are lending “Rhythm in my Blood” to fashion chain Gina Tricot, where they have also had a hand in, helping to design a collection inspired by the girl-boss duo’s sizzling music career. Disco, glitter, 80’s vibes, power and rock’n’roll has been stitched into these fashion items. References to all of these styles have made their way into the new song as well.

A strong, kick of bass propels this song along, it is the blood which works to pump the melody and lyrical heart of the track after all. It has a vibrant, catchy chorus in place and will easily, burn some heat on the dancefloor. I feel certain, if not already, TV advertisements for the campaign will be popping up on the telly boxes in homes the length and breadth of Sweden. What are the chances the track might next be picked up for a Spotify ad? I’m thinking it could be a pretty fair bet, to be honest.

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